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About the D’Amato Family

Nearly five decades ago, Edward and Patricia D’Amato decided to start a small construction business based out of their home. As years passed, the company grew because of the quality and dedication to delighting the customer. Shortly after, Edward and Patricia’s children, Edward Jr., Susan and Thomas joined the business and assimilated into their roles by learning from the ground up. As time passed, the family had grown from a small construction company based out of their home, to a multi-million dollar organization involved in many facets of customer service.

Today, the third generation joins the family in moving the legacy forward. As it always has been, the bedrock of our organization is unmatched customer service. Anthony D’Amato and his mother Lori operate the day-to-day functions of Power Fuels, ensuring that everything lives up to the standards of: Fair Prices, Quality Products and Personal Professional Service. Anthony and Lori provide a consistent family atmosphere utilizing the resources of a well established organization, ensuring our customers the best products and services money can buy. This is our family’s commitment to yours.

History of Power Fuels


Power Fuels was established in April of 2004 by the D’Amato Family with the mission of becoming the premier full service energy provider in the area. Over the course of our history we have grown quickly because of our quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

In the beginning, Power Fuels started off as strictly a heating oil and diesel delivery company and did not have an in-house Service Department. Rather, service work was sent to our ally The Shaffer Company, one of the oldest mechanical contractors in the State of Connecticut with over 120 years experience. Over the years our company grew quickly with the need for storage, space and help.



We added propane to our product lineup.


In late 2007 Power Fuels had sought an acquisition of the family owned Gaski’s Oil Service. Gaski’s Oil Service was established in the late 1940’s and delivered coal, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil and ice to their customers. Gaski’s Oil Service had merged with Power Fuels by year’s end. Our combined company has now been servicing customers for more than 50 years in 3 counties. Gaski’s Oil Service was strategic in ways that provided us with a storage terminal and plenty of room for growth. The level of service that we were now providing our customers was first-class. In addition, with the merger of Power Fuels and Gaski’s we were able to create an in-house Service Department specializing in full heating and cooling services.


Anthony D'Amato gave CT State Senator Tom Colapietro - D a tour of our newly constructed propane storage facility and explained how our company creates and maintains good jobs here in America selling an American product.


Wood pellets were added to our product mix to fill the void in our customer’s need for a variety of energy sources.


In early 2010 we launched an updated first-class website affording our customers ease of access to information and services.

In mid-2010 our company undertook another leap toward future growth and sustainability by constructing a state-of-the-art propane storage facility right here in Bristol. Since propane storage is scarce and demand is high, Power Fuels is now strategically positioned to guarantee our customers supply in tight volatile markets.


Growth and success was achieved during this time period. Our company was a shining star during the great October snow storm, outpacing national and family dealers alike, providing crucial propane deliveries to generator and gas appliance customers. The off grid capabilities of Power Fuels have set a new standard in the way propane dealers handle the preparation and operation during long term power outages.


Our company has continued to advance in the propane industry with specialized equipment purchases as well as investing highly in technical and safety education. All Power Fuels employees have been rigorously educated with In-Depth Hazmat, DOT-FMCSA Regulation and other highly important safety information. Power Fuels has made a significant down payment with training and advancement for our customer's futures. Please refer to our safety page to see a complete listing of our qualifications.


The year is already off to a great start. Our company is continuing to invest in the future of propane in both delivery and storage.

We look forward to doing business with you and your family now and into the future. If you ever have any questions or need more information about any product we sell or service you receive, please contact our office. Any one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you in any way possible. All energy companies are not equal and most show little or no consideration for the customer, we know you and you know us. We are families serving families each and every day and we are always here to help.

Anthony D'Amato and Family

I would personally like to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued business, so that we may be there for you when you need it the most.



Anthony E. D'Amato & Family

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Sustainably produced biomass is a local renewable energy source. Burning wood for energy has a positive impact in moderating global climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the atmosphere is a significant cause of global climate change.
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