Consumer Financing Benefits

  • Able to upgrade to a more efficient heating or cooling system now
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Make much needed repairs now
  • Peace of mind

Our company has a wide array of financing plans to suit your budget. These plans allow you to spread the cost of your new equipment purchase while making things easier for you and your family. Our financing program allows you to attain the best equipment available, and make it affordable.

Synchrony Bank LogoSynchrony Bank provides you with an approved line of credit to make heating and cooling installations/upgrades to your home. This line of credit is also flexible if you outgrow your credit line or if you need to make additional improvements.


We have many different ways for you to finance your fuel and service expenses.

Home Heating Oil Diesel Propane Wood Pellets
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Classic Budget icons/yes.png icons/yes.png
Julian icons/yes.png icons/yes.png icons/yes.png icons/yes.png
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Automatic Delivery

We use state of the art degree day monitoring system to keep track of your usage as well as accurately predict you future consumption. This system uses a combination of temperatures and weather patterns to make sure that you never run out of fuel. All of our automatic customers get discounts on their fuel for being on this plan. If you would like to eliminate the worry and hassle of oil outs, automatic delivery is right for you.

* Your yearly cleaning, energy efficiency tune-up and inspection for your oil boiler and warm air furnace is provided to you at no-charge when you remain on the plan.

Classic Budget Plan

This creative plan allows you to spread your monthly heating costs throughout the year in order to make your fuel more affordable. You will have an affordable monthly payment that will be predictable. Our budget customers receive discounts on their fuel. You may also blend the cost of a yearly service agreement and tank protection into your budget plan.

* Your yearly cleaning, energy efficiency tune-up and inspection for your oil boiler and warm air furnace is provided to you at no-charge when you remain on the plan.

Budget Plan Chart

Fixed Price Full Payment

(Please call office for current pricing)

Entire amount due upon signature of fixed price contract.

Fixed Price Financed Plan

(Please call office for current pricing)

Easy 4 payment plan. First payment due upon signature of fixed price contract. Remaining 3 payments due each month consecutively thereafter. Approved credit needed.

Julian Plan

Our office staff can setup a customized schedule for your fuel needs. This can be quarterly, monthly, weekly, or whatever you need. Our Julian customers are also eligible for regular discounts on their fuel purchases.

Will Call

You call us for the fuel you need and we schedule the time of delivery. "Will Call" deliveries only qualify for volume discounts and are not eligible to repeat customer discounts.

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Sustainably produced biomass is a local renewable energy source. Burning wood for energy has a positive impact in moderating global climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the atmosphere is a significant cause of global climate change.
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“You have been the BEST gas company I’ve had in the 14 years I’ve needed the service. I only wish I’d known sooner. You are amazing, thank you very much. I will certainly refer your company to all who need it. You have been nothing short of wonderful! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”


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