Our Fleet



Power Fuels retains a modern, well maintained fleet of delivery, service and support vehicles to perform to your expectations. This fleet includes new model Kenworth delivery trucks. Our delivery trucks consist of Fuel Oil, Diesel Fuel, and Propane delivery vehicles and apparatus. Our service fleet consists of Cargo vans and Utility bodied trucks customized for service, installation, and repair functions. Lastly, our support fleet consists of small duty pickup trucks and specialty equipment designed for service and product deliverability.

Equipment Maintenance

All equipment is maintained by our in-house repair facility. All routine maintenance and most heavy repairs are able to be completed in-house by our own master mechanics. We also have the capabilities to make on-road service calls to equipment in distress. This capability allows our company to maintain a fleet in excellent working condition and provide unmatched reliability to our customers.

Annual Tune-up & Inspection

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It's important to keep your system running in top condition. It saves money, consumes less fuel, avoids costly repairs and helps the environment.

Using Too Much Fuel?

Call our Service Department today, and see how we can help! Simple cost effective upgrades or new replacements, we can assist you. Free estimates, free inspections, it's the bottom line.

Fuel Discounts

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