Diesel Fuel


Diesel is the most energy efficient fuel for internal combustion engines around. This quality thus saves companies money and reduces our dependence on oil.

The combustion engines that run on diesel are very durable. They can go thousands of miles and hundreds of thousands of hours in operation.

Also, diesel provides the power and strength to get jobs done unlike other fuels. Maybe that is why truckers, construction machines, and agriculture sectors depend on it everyday.

Power Fuels sells bulk diesel fuel to construction firms, country clubs, theme parks, and other industrial oriented businesses. Our service is first class, and our products are of high quality. We provide nothing but the best for your heavy vehicles, because you depend on them every day. You can depend on Power Fuels for all of your commercial and industrial bulk on-road and off-road diesel needs.

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Annual Tune-up & Inspection

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It's important to keep your system running in top condition. It saves money, consumes less fuel, avoids costly repairs and helps the environment.

Using Too Much Fuel?

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Fuel Discounts

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