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Sustainably produced biomass is a local renewable energy source. Burning wood for energy has a positive impact in moderating global climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup in the atmosphere is a significant cause of global climate change.

When wood is burned, however, it recycles carbon that was already in the natural carbon cycle. Consequently, the net effect of burning wood fuel is that no new CO2 is added to the atmosphere.

Wood fuel typically comes from either sawmill or timber harvesting residues. These residues are generally considered wastes or byproducts of the forest industry. Where woodchips come from sawmills, they are a waste that must be disposed of or sold. Where chips come from harvesting operations in the woods, the purpose is to remove low-grade trees from the forest that, when done sustainably, will improve overall forest health.

Facts from the Biomass Energy Resource Center

Corinth Wood Pellets

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With the growing trend in biomass heating, Power Fuels now carries Corinth Wood Pellets from the heart of Maine. These pellets are only of the finest quality. High density, slow burning and low ash, these pellets are sure to please even the most discriminating user.

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