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Propane is a very clean burning fuel that is safe for the environment. Propane, as opposed to other fuels, cannot spill or leave a residue because it is a gas. Propane is a very versatile fuel; you can cook, heat, and use other household appliances such as a dryer.

Southwest Research Institute said that propane creates 60-70% less pollution than gasoline. Propane also slashes up to 96% of toxic fumes and carcinogens that are found in gasoline.

Propane Gas Fire Pit

Residential installation of an outdoor propane gas fire pit. Fire pit will feature multicolor blown glass beads and other accents.

Propane Safety Information

This safe and clean fuel is very plentiful. Almost 90% of the world's propane is produced right here within US borders - that's really good news!

Finally, propane burns very hot and even, thus reducing your heating costs.

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Propane is the smart choice for heating your home, running your pool heater, and so much more. Power Fuels has propane programs to fit your needs. We lease and supply propane tanks for your use. Part of any lease is automatic or will call delivery of quality propane gas to keep you up and running.

Most of the propane sold in the United States is produced right here! Propane is a real American fuel.

A typical lease program comes with a standard 120lb outdoor tank for a minimal yearly fee, plus the cost of the propane gas.

Any propane program can be tailored to fit your needs.

To become a new customer

  1. Call us and tell us that you are interested in becoming a propane customer! We will discuss options available to you as well as any current promotions we are running.
  2. We need to see what services you will need. If you own your tank we will come to inspect the system. If you have another provider we will take care of the disconnect process and provide you with one of our tanks. If you currently have another energy source and you would like to switch, we can do an inspection and recommend which way to go and how to start. Also, if you are building a new home Power Fuels will get you up and running with new propane service.
  3. To become a Power Fuels automatic propane customer, you will need to sign a propane agreement. Once the agreement is signed we can get fuel to you immediately!

The Disconnection Process

  1. Power Fuels is informed by you as to what your needs are as well as who your current provider is.
  2. On your behalf, Power Fuels will contact your current provider and cancel your service via notification of disconnection.
  3. Power Fuels will install necessary equipment and provide gas service at a convenient time that works for the both of us.
  4. Power Fuels will coordinate the removal of your previous providers associated equipment.
  5. Previous provider will credit your for gas in your old tanks at the price when it was delivered unless otherwise specified. You are responsible for paying any outstanding balances or monies due.

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“You have been the BEST gas company I’ve had in the 14 years I’ve needed the service. I only wish I’d known sooner. You are amazing, thank you very much. I will certainly refer your company to all who need it. You have been nothing short of wonderful! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”


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Annual Tune-up & Inspection

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It's important to keep your system running in top condition. It saves money, consumes less fuel, avoids costly repairs and helps the environment.

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