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Thank you for your interest in our company, we look forward to exceeding your expectations. As you may already know we are a family owned and operated company that values your repeat business.

Each and every one of our dedicated employees has a different job, however each employee has a common mission - to serve you and your family.

Our fuel delivery drivers are experienced and committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Our delivery drivers care about you and your family. You may see some of our drivers bring in the newspaper or trash out for your mother. This is true customer service that goes beyond duty.

Our trained and continuously educated service technicians are fluent in the newest technological advances in fuel oil and gas. Each and every service technician strives to make sure that you are more than impressed at the end of you service call, tune-up, install or emergency. It is the mission of making sure that you are safe and comfortable that keeps these guys going. From pumping 3 feet of water out of your sisters basement because she’s scared and can’t do it herself, to installing that new boiler in your basement - each technician goes above and beyond.

Scenario 1 - Automatic Customer, 35 years:

It has been raining for the last week and people’s basements are flooding. This customer called us because she had no heat. Upon arrival we found almost 3 feet of water in her basement that badly damaged her boiler and personal belongings. This customer, scared, crying and not knowing what to do was comforted by our very own James Gionfriddo. James quickly setup a pump to extract the water from her basement. Once the water was gone James quickly proceeded to get the boiler online. Heat was now restored and the customer was calm. Power Fuels did not abandon her at this point, we made sure we dispatched a water and mold mitigation company to restore her basement. It was the knowledge and expertise in a tight situation that saved this customer her home and her dignity.

Scenario 2 - Automatic Customer, 15 years:

Our delivery driver thought it was going to be a routine delivery at a customer in Bristol. When he pulled up to the customer’s home she was trying to take out the trash. Weak and frail, he quickly ran over and took out the customer’s trash and told her that she can leave it by the door on a delivery day and that we would take care of it. Each and every delivery to this customer’s home we now make it a little easier for her.

Scenario 3 - New Customer:

This customer was desperate to switch her propane provider because the company she was using was taking advantage of her. It was the expertise of our office managers that allowed her to switch and have her new tanks installed. A service technician was quickly dispatched to see what kind of equipment she had and what we needed to proceed. It was the forward thinking office staff that made sure that we had propane tanks in stock that allowed for a same day installation. Our vast company resources allow us to be prepared for any situation with parts and equipment in stock for our regular customers.

It is this dedication to customer service and a feeling of pride in what we do that makes our employees the ethical and compassionate individuals that they are - it’s what we have for breakfast. Whether you have been a customer for 30 years or 3, 4 days or a week, we treat everyone with compassion and respect. It is this type of service that you can’t put a price on and it is what discount providers just cannot do. Discount dealers are looking for the maximum amount of deliveries to occur in a day, we look to maximize our time with our customers and listen to their concerns.

How Do They Compare? Power Fuels Discounter
Continuing Education for all Technicians Yes No, what technicians?
24 Emergency Service Yes No, they are asleep.
Heating System Sales, Service & Installation Yes No, they only deliver fuel.
A/C System, Sales, Service & Installation Yes No, they only deliver fuel.
Annual Tune-up & Inspection Yes No, they don’t have service.
Service Agreements Yes No, they don’t have service.
The TankSure Program Yes No, they insure nothing.
Automatic Delivery Yes No, they don’t have the technology.
Heating Oil, Propane, Diesel & Pellets Yes No, they only deliver oil and cannot meet your multi-fuel needs.
Storage Facilities Yes No, in the truck?
Full-time Delivery Fleet Yes No, they own 1 truck, how could they?
Budget Plans Yes No, they only take cash.
Credit Terms Available Yes No, they don’t have the resources.
Price Protection Yes No, they don’t have the resources.

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“You have been the BEST gas company I’ve had in the 14 years I’ve needed the service. I only wish I’d known sooner. You are amazing, thank you very much. I will certainly refer your company to all who need it. You have been nothing short of wonderful! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”


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