Instructions On Cancelling Automatic Delivery

(Heating Oil, Propane & Other Fuel Products)

If you are a customer and would like to cancel your automatic delivery, fleet fueling service or other applicable automatic fuel delivery service, you may do so in the following ways:

A. Send a written request via USPS Certified Mail to:

Power Fuels, LLC
P.O. Box 579
Bristol, CT 06010
ATTN: Automatic Delivery Cancellation

B. Facsimile to:

Power Fuels, LLC
ATTN: Automatic Delivery Cancellation
Fax: 860-589-4242

You must then call: 860-589-4328 or 203-699-0099 to confirm with an associate successful receipt of your facsimile transmission. Failing to do so means that we cannot verify that we have received your message and you will need to produce a fax transmission sheet proving successful transmission.

Important Notes:

All written and facsimile requests must include: CANCEL AUTOMATIC DELIVERY, NAME, SERVICE, ADDRESS & ACCOUNT NUMBER. For your privacy and protection you must be the primary account holder or an approved name on the account in order to cancel any services. All other requests by non-account holders will be denied.

If you are already scheduled for an automatic delivery and you receive our automatic delivery within 24 hours of our receipt of your notice, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR THIS DELIVERY. All automatic deliveries after this 24 hour notification period will be cancelled as per your instructions. You will also be responsible for providing free and clear access to any and all Power Fuels, LLC owned equipment if applicable.

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