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2014 Power Fuels Vice President Anthony D'Amato Judges Bristol BOE Robotics Challenge

Mr. D'Amato along with may other volunteers judged the Bristol Board of Education's Middle School Robotics Challenge featuring "Rescue Robots". Students were judged on following directions laid out by the board and had to use their programming skills to fulfill those challenges. "I is a fun way to close out your day and the student know that local business people are involved and care about what they are learning. I am very proud to judge this event when I can and the kids are great! It is very exciting to see our youth learning advanced technology at a young age as they will have a competitive edge."

2013 Power Fuels Vice President Anthony D'Amato Assists Wolcott Grange Cleanup Day


Mr. D'Amato along with friends and the community held a Grange Cleanup day. Power Fuels provided a lift gate truck for rubbish removal, various tools and other services to assist the community.

2013 Power Fuels Supports Athletic Field Renovation

Both Power Fuels and D'Amato Construction Company employees made their way to Nuchies again this year in full support of Bristol eastern High School. The company purchased two tables and make various donations in good faith again this year.

2013 Power Fuels Vice President Anthony D'Amato Donates Heating Oil, Time & Other Services

Mr. D'Amato has recently joined the Wolcott Grange and has provided much needed heating oil and other services as a sign of good faith in the local community. Currently Mr. D'Amato and Power Fuels are working closely with the Wolcott community to try and assist them in making the Wolcott Grange a success story. "I think it's very important that we assist people trying to do the right thing. We all must help when and in ways that we can, even a little bit goes a long way." said Mr. D'Amato.

2012 Imagine Nation Museum Event & Mum Festival Celebrations

Vice President Anthony D'Amato and employees Eric Minor and Scott Collins provided equipment in the two Touch-A-Truck events. Also, Power Fuels was the provider of propane for the Balloons Over Bristol Events going on at the Mum Festival. Other crucial support services we provided to the Mum Festival Committee making the event a success.

Employees Contribute to Ovarian Cancer Awareness

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Power Fuels employees raised money and contributed hundreds of dollars to the Ovarian Cancer Awareness effort. Our trucks were also featured at various events and appearances in September sporting the green Ovarian Cancer ribbon. Ovarian Cancer has had an impact on our company family and we feel very strongly about the need to raise awareness of this type of cancer. Please join our company in the fight for Ovarian Cancer each year as we fight for a cure.

Power Fuels Powers up the 2012 Popup Piazza Festival

Saturday the greater Bristol area converged on Downtown Bristol’s Main Street for the 2nd Annual Popup Piazza Festival. The turnout was great considering the unbearable heat. Power Fuels and D’Amato Construction was the main sponsor of the event and entertainment.

Power Fuels and D’Amato Construction are committed to the betterment of the Bristol community and Downtown Bristol’s revitalization. We appreciated the chance to meet new faces and say thank you to familiar ones!

Power Fuels booth on the corner of Riverside and Main.

Afternoon musical entertainment

Power Fuels Supports the Bristol Community Organization at Annual Dinner

Power Fuels and D’Amato Construction members attended the BCO 2012 annual benefit dinner and raffle. Power Fuels has supported BCO in their efforts for years, providing heating oil and propane to people in need. At attendance, we affirmed our continued partnership with BCO.

Power Fuels is Gold Sponsor at Wheel Clinic's 27th Annual Golf Classic

This annual golf tournament supports Wheeler Clinic in their endeavors of providing care to people who need it. Wheeler Clinic provides behavioral health, child welfare, early childhood and education programs to residents in the communities that we serve.

Power Fuels Supports Athletic Facility Renovations

Both Power Fuels and D'Amato Construction Company employees supported Bristol Eastern High School's Auction Committee in raising funds for improved athletic fields and installation of field lighting. Many employees and their children are alumni of Bristol Eastern, and came out to show their support for the much needed improvements. The company purchased two tables in support of this cause.

Power Fuels was featured in the Step Saver Observer, Bristol Press, and Hartford Courant for “Being able to Power Up your energy needs.”

Power Fuels was a shining star during the great October snowstorm that knocked out power for weeks on end to a majority of Connecticut residents. Our propane generator customers were fortunate to have a company such as ours provide a “Do what it takes” emphasis on making sure their stand-by propane generators had the fuel they need. Basic fire log sets to gas stoves as well as propane generators became the sole source of heat for our customers, Power Fuels was able to deliver emergency service to these customers making their lives easier.

Power Fuels was a Gold supporter of the Bristol Charity Cycling Challenge.

This organization raises money for local and national charities making a difference in our surrounding communities. Power Fuels has made a pledge to the Charity Cycling Challenge that it will continue to be a Gold sponsor in the coming years.

Power Fuels was a supporter of the Bristol Imagine Nation Children’s Museum’s Annual “Touch-A-Truck” event.

Our company provided a propane truck as well as a light duty pick-up truck so that youngsters could see the equipment that we are able to service our customers with. We explained to parents and children alike how the equipment is used and what it is used for, as well as any other questions they had about the company.

Power Fuels was a supporter of the annual Bristol Chrysanthemum “Touch-A-Truck” event at Memorial Boulevard Park.

Bristol Chrysanthemum “Touch-A-Truck” event

Our Company provided a brand new oil truck in conjunction with our sister company D’Amato Construction and their associated equipment. Kids were able to sit in the driver’s seat and experience what it’s like to sit high up in the truck cab.

Power Fuels Vice President Anthony D’Amato donated his time to the 2010 Bristol Middle School Robotics Challenge in conjunction with the Bristol Education Foundation.

Middle School children city-wide had to design and program robots given specific tasks in support of science and emerging technologies in our school system.

Every year, Power Fuels is a consistent supporter of the Forestville Village Association’s Pequabuck River Duck Race.

Our company provides support, as well as a raffle prize each year.

Power Fuels Vice President Anthony D’Amato donates his time to the Bristol Public school’s Business Management and Entrepreneurship Programs.

Mr. D’Amato is a product of the Bristol Public Schools and their business program, and is constantly looking for ways to give back to his alma matter.

Power Fuels and all of our grateful employees donate their time and resources to these great causes:

  • After-School Programs
  • Benevolent Associations
  • Church Organizations
  • Food Pantries
  • Hospitals
  • Injured and Returning Veterans
  • Museums
  • Police Explorers
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Veterans Associations

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