The Power Fuels Difference

Fair Prices

  • Reasonable pricing on fuel products, service, repair and installation
  • Comprehensive and complete pricing on products and services
  • Transparent and honest pricing for all work
  • Correct and complete workmanship

Quality Products

  • Top quality premium heating oil, propane, diesel and wood pellets from the very best suppliers
  • Quality products that stand the test of time
  • Only the best quality heating and cooling brands from tried and true suppliers

Personal Professional Service

  • Family oriented service from people you can trust
  • Relatively flat management providing timely and critical decision making capabilities
  • Licensed and continually educated service technicians, delivery, drivers and support staff

Our family's commitment to yours

Here at Power Fuels, we are dedicated to providing world class service.

Unlike other providers, we stand ready through all of the following:

  • All four seasons
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Short and long term power outages
  • Product shortage and scarcity

Why become a Power Fuels Customer?

  • Additives

    We blend an additive called TES3400 into each gallon of our Premium Heating Oil to provide your heating system with superior burner economy. We blend methanol into each gallon of propane at our bulk storage plant to prevent freeze ups in the winter and to make sure your propane system is running properly.

  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance

    Our Company carries a significant amount of Liability Insurance to make sure that you are completely protected.

  • Dispatch Efficiency

    Our Computer Based GPS Fleet Management System allows our company to direct our delivery drivers on the most efficient route possible to make sure that you receive timely deliveries. This also allows our service department to dispatch the closest available service technician to your trouble call.

  • Expert Knowledge

    Our delivery drivers, service technicians, and support staff are experts in their fields of knowledge with years of experience under their belt. Our delivery drivers and service technicians are continuously and rigorously educated to ensure they are current on the newest technologies in fuel oil and gas.

  • Extensive Service Department

    Our service department satisfies the needs of both Residential and Commercial customers alike. From fuel oil to propane and natural gas to steam, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions to our customers. We provide new installations, service, and repair to our customers on a 24 hour basis.

  • Financial Stability

    The Conservative and disciplined management of our finances ensures the safety of our customers. Our strict credit process protects our company and our customers from damaging financial impacts. This strict financial management allows our company to plan in the long term providing the best possible products and service for our customers and allows them to rest easier knowing we will be around for years to come.

  • Fleet Maintenance & Repair

    Our in-house repair facility provides routine maintenance for our delivery, service, and support fleet. Our mechanics make sure that our fleet is constantly in excellent working condition and that issues are taken care of immediately. Our facility staff have the capability to make on-road service calls to vehicles needing assistance, allowing for critical repair thus reducing downtime and improving deliverability.

  • Safety Oriented Culture

    All employees of our company are instructed to perform their duties in the safest possible manner All employees are rigorously educated in safety— on and off the customers property. This importance placed on safety, greatly reduces the risk of an accident at the workplace.

  • Multi-Fuel Storage

    Our significant storage assets for fuel oil and propane allow our company to guarantee uninterrupted delivery to our regular customers. Our extensive network of suppliers and long term supply plans take out the risk of delivery interruption to the customer.

  • Off-Grid Operation

    Our entire company is able to continue routine operations during a short or long term power outage. We ensure the delivery of fuel oil, propane and emergency service to our customers during such an outage. This ability allows our company to fully function without any disruption or emergency assistance in times of duress.

  • Stock

    The service department maintains an extensive stock of frequently used parts and accessories for oil and gas heating systems, as well as air conditioning systems. In addition, our extensive procurement and supplier relationships allow for timely delivery of critical parts not in stock.

  • Technology Infrastructure

    Critical customer service information is readily available to all necessary employees on and off the road to ensure prompt, efficient, and personal service. The use of advanced technology allows our company to operate more efficiently, resulting in a more consistently satisfied customer. Options such as our "Pay Online" give the customer a level of convenience that is not found elsewhere.