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Below are a list of frequently asked questions by customers. We have provided answers to these questions to make transactions with us more efficient for you, as well as our staff.

This page will be updated frequently as questions arise, so please check this page before making your call, we may able to help!

What is the price of propane?

The price of propane changes daily. In order to get you the most up-to-date price, please call our office and ask for today’s propane price

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Do you offer a prebuy or fixed price program?

We offer a Fixed Price Budget Plan that allows you to select the amount of gallons you wish to budget for. You can select Automatic Delivery or Will Call delivery. 

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How do I pay my energy bill?

There are several ways to pay your energy bills: cash (in person only), check, Visa, or Mastercard.

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How do I become a new customer?

Navigate to the contact us page by clicking here and fill out the online RFI form, or call our office to set up an account.

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How do I switch to Power Fuels Propane for my propane service?

Simply give our office a call, and let us know what you need so that we may provide you with pricing and availability, as well as setup your new account.

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What is the difference between a propane tank that is owned and one that is leased?

A tank that is owned by the customer may be filled by an propane company at your discresion. A tank that is leased through a propane provider may only be filled and maintained by that provider per the Connecticut State Container Law.

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Why do you blend methanol into your propane at the bulk plant?

Power Fuels Propane blends methanol into gallons stored at our bulk plant to prevent propane line and system freeze-ups in the winter months. This value added service provides your family or business trouble free propane system operation. In rare cases, further methanol treatment may be needed on a per account basis. This element is valuable because discount propane companies do not have the ability to treat 100% of their gallons like that of an established propane dealer with bulk storage.

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How do I cancel automatic delivery?

If you are a customer and would like to cancel your automatic delivery, you may send a written request via USPS Certified Mail. Find out more

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