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Customer Testimonials

I am writing this note to tell you guys that Tom who services my boiler was a good guy and did a wonderful job. I was so happy with his service, the best I ever had. Thank God. I want Tom always to take care of my boiler, he deserves a good handshake for a good job! I'll pass the word around about Tom so that more people go to Power Fuels Propane.

–Lena C

To the Editor of the Bristol Press:
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Power Fuels Propane Heating & Cooling Company of Bristol for the exceptional manner in which they responded to the water damage to my furnace caused by Hurricane Irene and the heavy rainstorm on September 8th. 
Power Fuels Propane displayed outstanding customer service. On both occasions, they responded swiftly, going so far as to setting up a commercial pump to avoid more extensive damage, checking on the situation throughout the day, and making the necessary repairs in a timely manner. Due to their rapid response, the damage to the furnace was limited. 
Thank you Power Fuels Propane for going the extra mile for your customers!

–Carol J. Hansen

“I just wanted to let you know that you have been amazing to work with and got my heat working in the winter and just figured out why my AC wasn’t working for the summer. You are polite, courteous and on time. Something I cannot say for a competitor of yours. I appreciate you.”


“You have been the BEST gas [propane] company I’ve had in the 14 years I’ve needed the service. I only wish I’d known sooner. You are amazing, thank you very much. I will certainly refer your company to all who need it. You have been nothing short of wonderful! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”


“I was very pleased with Tom. I had AC startup and service. Tom explained everything and showed me what he was doing, he was very courteous.”


Dear Power Fuels Propane 
“I forgot to tell you last week how great Power Fuels Propane was in helping us with a problem at my mother’s house on the day she died. The house was cold, they couldn’t delivery fuel until we shoveled a path and the gauge on the tank read near empty. Anyway, long story short, Power Fuels Propane called me back almost immediately. He said that based on the last delivery, not to worry, that there was oil in the tank and he would send someone up. A technician was at the house in about 30 minutes. It turned out to be exactly how Power Fuels Propane said: that there was oil in the tank and the gauge was not working properly. They delivered fuel first thing Monday morning. So – I guess this is my way of saying how much I appreciated his quick response. He assured me everything would be OK, and it was. It was a pleasure to have someone so in-charge who knew exactly how to handle the situation.”


“Thank you for servicing my boiler/furnace. You are a company that values its customers, especially those like me that have been with you for years. Thanks again.”

–Gilman Dube Sr.

“Thank you so very much for the new motor installed on our furnace. It was such a complete surprise to hear… it really helped to make our Christmas merrier. Your kindness won't be forgotten.”


“…we move too fast and forget to take care of the good people who have helped us along the way. Those who have a 'heart'. At my age, I am learning to slow down and be grateful for the things I have… Keep up the good work!”


“Thank you so very, very much! My prayers and God bless you all always.”


“I was quite fond of the knowledge and quality service when installing my new propane system at my home. Also I would like to make note of the timeliness and dedication to my family in times of no heat emergencies. Power Fuels Propane was and is a life saver!”

–Donald D'Amico - Homeowner: Plainville, CT

“The services that Power Fuels Propane renders at my property is timely and wonderfully executed. My tenants include the Connecticut Department of Labor, Department of Children & Families, Department of Social Services and US Congressman Christopher Murphy, all of whom are satisfied with the maintenance of the HVAC infrastructure, as well as the professionalism of the technicians.”

–Abraham Jeremias - 4702 Second Avenue Corporation: New Britain, CT, New York City, NY

“Your serviceman did a really great job! Helpful in telling me what he was doing and was very polite.”

–D. Mathews - Thomaston, CT

“Power Fuels Propane is able to deliver quality products in a timely fashion to my home; I have been nothing but impressed time and time again!”

–Kyle M. - Homeowner: Unionville, CT

"Power Fuels Propane has provided us with outstanding service with prompt delivery of quality oil. When you call you get a person that gives you personalized service; with competitive prices, Power Fuels Propane is our only choice.”

–Allan Pepin - Pepin Steel & Iron Works: Bristol, CT

“I was present during your installation, it all went well. Your workers were courteous, polite and efficient and represented Power Fuels Propane well. Thanks again for the great service!”

–George K.

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